If my feet were fingers, I'd stab you in the eye​.​.

by Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed

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The first solo album from former Colon frontman and weirdo guitarist/producer Phil Reynolds. Influenced by bands like Guided by Voices, Teenage Fanclub, Shack and The Boo Radleys, it's full of meaty goodness. And harmonies. Yeah. Quite a few of them.


released February 1, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Phil Reynolds, except "Freak", written by Dan Ankers and recorded by Phil Reynolds



all rights reserved


Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed UK

During 2010 I started writing songs on my Paleolithic laptop - snippets of disconnected riffs and half-arsed complaints about the content of Radio 4 news broadcasts. It had occurred to me that, for the first time, I had the songs and the technology to put a record together completely on my own. And I did. I could have got help, but there‘s a freedom in knowing exactly where the buck stops. ... more

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Track Name: Black Dog Days
Here it starts with nothing/lines and lines of expert terms/lay wild behind the waiting/for better times and better words/if I explain (take some pills)/if I could explain (to do me in)/but then there's nothing more to say/It's just another black dog day/here are days and here are weeks/and here I know I'm not unique/if I could stand (yeah, alcohol)/to write it down(makes me a fool)/you'd see the signs would simply say/It's just another black dog day/just be there/make it better/just another black dog day/broken bones won't pay no mind/keep my thoughts to myself next time/hold me under watch me breathe/watch me fucking breathe/another black dog day
Track Name: Blisters
The blisters are back/and I offer my skin/maybe a metaphor/maybe there's something more/maybe a tribute/to the flares/flying in to my rescue/held out to sea/no harbour, no safety/God bless you/Brighten the shades/at a glacial pace/and it all stays the same/'cause the news never changes 'round here.
Track Name: Close as stars
You said you received a letter which said all your ghosts are coming home/but you took too long to ask me why they didn't use the phone/but that's just you - you miss the point/and I'll explain it if I can/and we'll go hand in hand in hand/and watch nothing expand/and when we're post-traumatic and the pills have taken hold/and avoiding stuff seems easy/'cause the ghosts have settled down/we've done the tests and checked the math/the numbers all agree/with only the sun between us, we'll be close as stars.
Track Name: Sweetheart
Open up yr eyes, my sleepyhead/put on some clothes/let's go outside/the morning makes me nervous/I don't want the day to think I'm wasting time/the light cuts through the curtains/through the smoke/turns into shadows, into signs/and rain plays on the window/racing rivers in the road and keeping time/keeping time/this town is full of life/yeah, full of laughter/even so we stand apart/the pools of oily water shatter all the colours/yeah, kaleidoscopic art/between the clouds and weather/sweat and drizzle /press yr summer dress against yr skin/yeah, but you smile and seem to shine/and all the time I can't believe the state I'm in.
Track Name: This is how it ends
Hey, how do I make this real - do I join up the dots so I can colour you in?/one for the green through to eight for the rest - I'll try and stay inside the lines/took a shot at the moon but came up short/the bullet came down and killed a bird/maybe I'll take some time to aim next time - but it was close/beneath a tide of summer girls I'm aging fast and loud in turn/I'll call you if I have no luck, but don't wait up/I'll pin a favour to your tree/I won't pretend/a little note on which I've written/this is how it ends.
Track Name: Bloody Words
Just bloody words/from a gaping wound/turning on you/ turning on me/spilling out /falling on to my feet/turning on me/Just bloody words/elevating me/looking at you/turning me inside out/as I fall on my knees/you're looking at me/picking clots from my teeth/as my mouth stands still/would you listen/to these bloody words/my protection/from this perfect day/it's easier to hide/behind glass/behind language/just bloody words.
Track Name: Freak
This generation's Raskolnikov came home with bloodstains on his shirt/threw himself across the kitchen table/passed out while you were trying to work/this year's Captain Ahab wrestles his demons in the street/prays then curses then pulls a knife/all the while you're trying to sleep/do you ever feel/life has passed you by/or are you just avoiding being a freak/until the day you die/Our very own version of Hercules is returning from his trials/while the tallest towers of London burn for some girl who looks like Helen of Troy/a whole generation of Buendia has moved into the north side of town/you've never seen them, but you've heard them talking/caught snatches while you're walking around/do you ever feel/life has passed you by/or are you just avoiding being a freak/until the day you die/maybe it seems to you that Ahab's just some drunken old tramp/the clan Buendia are all inbred fools/and Helen's just another page 3 girl/back in his flat, Raskolnikov has rolled onto the floor/maybe he's a fool who'll get what he deserves, but maybe he's so much more.
Track Name: Take Care
By the time I got to Phoenix, she'd stopped waiting/and a letter lay unopened on the floor/it seems there'd been a phonecall, but that doesn't really matter/and a card with no address can't tell no lies/she told me to take care, but didn't mean it/I guess that's just the sort of thing she'd say/the weather's getting cold 'round here/the nights are drawing in 'round here/there's not so much to do 'round here/I'd be on my own if I didn't have you/and I know that seems obvious/don't mean it's not true.
Track Name: Disappearing
She left a note in silver pen/and no apology/for what came next/and I'll pretend to understand/then try hard to give a damn/she had radium, I'm sure, and a plan for some atrocity/but I never got the call, never saw the warning/and it's easy now to say "what happens happens..."/when the bits of kids have gone/and where the bodies fell the birds still sing/in the trees we planted for remembering (bit of a clunky rhyme there, sorry).